Budget Sexless Torso, 12 Parts – code: 6000.61

Budget Sexless Torso, 12 Parts

Code: 6000.61

This sexless life-size torso is composed of 12 parts. Accurate in all of its detailing, this model is a useful tool to show the human anatomy in any classroom. Structures are numbered and identified on the accompanying k-card. The head is removable and divided into two parts, exposing the inner structure of the brain. The neck is dissected through the ventral surface to
show muscular, glandular, vascular and neural structures. The thorax and abdomen are completely open, aff ording an unrestricted view of the internal organs and structures.

Removable components include the following:
• Head, divided into 2 parts, showing a section of the brain and the upper respiratory tract
• Half of the brain, divided along the longitudinal fissure to expose internal structures and vessels
• Right and left lungs, showing the bronchial tree and vasculature
• Heart
• Liver with gallbladder
• Stomach
• Pancreas, duodenum and spleen with vessels and ducts
• Small and large intestine with removable window in caecal region

Mounted on base.

Size: 89x41x23 cm
Weight: 10300 g