Muscular Figure, 32 Parts, 140 cm – code: 6000.59

Muscular Figure, 32 Parts, 140 cm

Code: 6000.59

This 30 part -model is about 140 cm tall and includes a 6-part muscular arm and an 8-part muscular leg. Removable parts include also skullcap, brain (cut along the longitudinal fissure and showing internal structures and blood vessels is removable), halves of both lungs showing the bronchial tree and vascular system, 2-part heart clearly representing atria, ventricles, valves and section of heart wall, liver with gallbladder, stomach dissected in 2 parts, duodenum with pancreas and spleen, large intestine. Significant features are numbered and referenced on the accompanying multilingual key card.

Mounted on a solid fine wooden base with ball casters.
Size: approx. 150 x 50 x 40 cm
Weight: approx. 12 kg.