Imparare in sicurezza con il Lab Mobile Leonardo

Imparare le scienze a distanza è più facile e divertente con il Lab Mobile Leonardo di Altay! Scopri perché:

Scuole sicure con la sanificazione ad Ozono

Per sanificare e disinfettare tutti gli ambienti da batteri, funghi e muffe e disattivare qualsiasi virus (compreso il covid-19), vieni a scoprire i generatori di ozono Altay Scientific by Ekonore. Brochure:

Proteggiamoci dal Covid-19!

Scopri come proteggere la tua scuola dal Covid-19 grazie alle infografiche Altay ed a molti altri dispositivi per la sicurezza in luoghi pubblici! Brochure:

Nuova sede Altay in Puglia!

Nuova sede Altay in Puglia aperta e.. operativa! Veniteci a trovare! New Altay headquarters in Puglia open and… operative! Come and visit us!

sicuri e protetti

Rientro a Scuola Sicuri e Protetti

Per il rientro a Scuola sicuri e protetti, Altay propone vari dispositivi per alunni e insegnanti. Maggiori info su: For a safe return to school, Altay offers a variety of devices for students and teachers. More info at:

Global Wind Day 2020

Happy Global Wind Day!

UN World Oceans Day 2020

Today we celebrate the World Oceans Day to remind us that the health of the oceans is intimately tied to ours. Over 3 billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity and about 30% of all carbon dioxite produced by us is absorbed by the oceans. The pourpose of the Day is to inform, mobilize…
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International Day for Biological Diversity 2020

Today we celebrate the beauty and variety of all living beings on our planet! Without biodiversity we are less resilient to climate change and more exposed to pathogens and, of course, pandemics. So, respect the ecosystem and happy International Day for Biological Diversity!

Cell Mitosis Model - code: 6232.02 rect

Cell Mitosis Model – code: 6232.02

Cell Mitosis Model Code: 6232.02 This item is composed of 9 different pieces showing the main stages of the mammal cell mitosis (prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase) at an enlargement of approx. 10000 times. During all stages you can observe the different characteristics of the cellular structures such as chromosomes, centrioles, spindle and nucleus. Every…
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Dicot Root Section (Leguminosae) - code: 6310.07 rect

Dicot Root Section (Leguminosae) – code: 6310.07

Dicot Root Section (Leguminosae) Code: 6310.07 This 3-part model, enlarged 400X life size, shows the structure of a dicot root in a cross and longitudinal section. All significant structures are well represented in great detail. The model is divided in 3 segments include the folowing: the first part describes the root tip with cap, the…
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