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Advanced Chemistry Kit - code: 7610.01 rect

Advanced Chemistry System – code: 7610.01

Advanced Chemistry System Code: 7610.01 The perfect complement for the General Chemistry System The Advanced Chemistry System was designed to enhance the potential of the General Chemistry System. Used alongside the General Chemistry System, the Advanced Chemistry system allows users to perform all the experiments described in the Manuals and discover even more chemical reactions…
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Electrochemistry Kit - code: 7620.01 rect

Electrochemistry System – code: 7620.01

Electrochemistry System 2 Code: 7620.01 Investigating the electrochemical phenomena Altay’s Electrochemistry System is a powerful instrument to introduce students to the chemical reactions that involve electrical phenomena. How is electric current produced? Can we store this electric current somehow? Why does iron rust? Is it possible to protect metals from corrosion? Altay’s Electrochemistry System will…
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General Chemistry Kit - code: 7615.01 rect

General Chemistry System – code: 7615.01

General Chemistry System Code: 7615.01 An introductory system to chemical phenomena Altay’s General Chemistry System consists of a complete set of laboratory equipment and glassware stored in a foam cushioned aluminium storage case. Setting up a demonstration is quick and simple. The Instruction Manual includes over 60 experiments that students or teachers can prepare in…
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