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Hen - code: 6280.54 rect

Hen – code: 6280.54

Precedente Successivo Hen Code: 6280.54 This 8-part life-size model describes in great detail the anatomy of a hen. The right side shows the external morphology while the right part, longitudinally sectioned, reveal the inner structures such as: muscles, heart, liver, intestine, stomach, lungs, reproductive system and an egg. The model comes with an accompanying multilingual…
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Frog - code: 6280.53 rect

Frog – code: 6280.53

Precedente Successivo Frog Code: 6280.53 This 3X life size model provides a highly accurate illustration of the morphology of a frog. The ventral part is open for a closer study of the inner anatomy. Removable components include the following: • heart and lungs; • liver; • stomach; • intestine; On the accompanying multilingual k-card more…
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Amphioxus - code: 6280.55 rect

Amphioxus – code: 6280.55

Precedente Successivo Amphioxus Code: 6280.55 This three-part model, enlarged to 10X life-size, shows the morphology of an Ampioxus. The inner anatomy can be easily studied thanks to the longitudinal section; all the main structures, such as cerebral vesicle, neural tube, nephridium, gonad and circulatory system, are numbered and referenced on the accompanying multilingual k-card (included).…
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Comparative Tapeworm Model - code: 6280.56 rect

Comparative Tapeworm Model – code: 6280.56

Comparative Tapeworm Model Code: 6280.56 This model compares the structures of Taenia saginata and Taenia solium scolex; the anatomy of the proglottid is shown through the longitudinal section at three different stages of maturation: immature, mature and gravid proglottid. Significant structures, such as suckers, hooklets, uterus and testis, are numbered and referenced on the accompanying…
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Rat Dissection Model - code: 6280.50 rect

Rat Dissection Model – code: 6280.50

Precedente Successivo Rat Dissection Model Code: 6280.50 This 6-part life-size model is an important tool to study zoology, providing a realistic reproduction of the anatomy of the rat. The ventral dissection exposes heart and lungs, liver, intestine, male and female genital systems. The internal organs are removable for closer examination. Mounted on board. Size: 25x18x7…
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Paramecium Model - code: 6280.14 rect

Paramecium Model – code: 6280.14

Precedente Successivo Paramecium Model Code: 6280.14 This model, greatly enlarged, shows in two pieces the morphology of a Paramecium. The longitudinal section reveals the inner organules such as:food and contractile vacuoles, lysosome, macro and micronucleus. All structures are reproduced in great detail and identified on the accompanying k-card. Mounted on base. Size: 40x26x16 cm Weight:…
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Fish Model - code: 6280.51 rect

Fish Model – code: 6280.51

Precedente Successivo Fish Model Code: 6280.51 This 5-parts life-size model shows the anatomy of a typical bony fish. The right side shows the external structure such as fin, eye and nostrils; the left side is longitudinally sectioned to reveal the internal characteristics. Removable pieces include the following: half head; branchial arch; liver with intestine; gas…
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