Categoria: Magnetism and electromagnetism

Magnetics System 1 – code: 4867.19

Magnetics System 1 Code: 4861.29 A basic introductory system to study the magnetism produced by various permanent magnets The Magnetics System 1 permits the demonstration of the characteristics of various shaped magnets. In this system we study basic magnetic flux lines (of various shaped permanent magnets in 2D and 3D), deflection of a magnetic needle,…
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Magnetics System 2 – code: 4867.29

Magnetics System 2 Code: 4867.29 An intermediate lab system to investigate the magnetic field produced by permanent magnets and electric currents The Magnetics System 2 is designed to demonstrate the basic principles electromagnetic flux lines (of current carrying conductors), deflection of a magnetic needle, the magnetic fieldproduced by a permanent magnet and paramagnetic and ferromagnetic…
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