Categoria: Mechanics

Mechanics System 2 – code: 4861.29

Mechanics System 2 – cod:4861.29 An advanced low friction dynamics system to study elastic and inelastic collisions between carts. The Mechanics System 2 allows us to verify many kinematics and dynamics principles by using a low friction system. The basic theory involves topics such as Newton’s Laws of Motion, Conservation of Energy and Momentum, Friction…
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Mechanics System 3 – code: 4861.39

Mechanics System 3 – code: 4861.39 A basic introductory mechanics system for mechanics of fluids. Mechanics System 3 introduces the basic concepts of fluid dynamics. The system provides a useful framework to understand and study quantitatively many fluid dynamics experiments. Equipment suggested: Gas Pressure Sensor (code 2311.40) Dual Range Force Sensor (code 2311.10) LabPro (code…
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Mechanics System 1 – code: 4861.19

Mechanics System 1 – code: 4861.19 An introductory system to study basic mechanics. Our high quality Mechanics System 1 comes in a heavy duty carry-case for ease of storage. Simple to set-up with all components easily accessible. The system consists of: balance, inclined plane, friction block, weights, simple machines, pulleys, levers, springs and scales. A…
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