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Optics System 3 – code: 4864.39

Optics System 3 – code: 4864.39 An advanced optics system with diode laser. The Optics System 3 includes everything needed for a complete course in advanced optics. Our system will take students through reflection, lens theory, diffraction, interference, diffraction grating and multiple slit diffraction. You can also study many aspects of modern optical technology. The…
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Optics System 2 – code: 4864.29

Optics System 2 – code: 4864.29 An intermediate system for geometrical and physical optics. The Optics System 2 is designed to study composition of light, light polarization, refraction index as well as many additional aspects of light refl ection and refraction. The system contains a Hartl apparatus, which allows the student to perform many experiments…
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Optics System 1 – code: 4864.19

Optics System 1 – code: 4864.19 A complete system to study the principal laws of geometric optics. The Optics System 1 can be used for the study of many aspects of geometric optics, including photometry, luminous intensity, focal length of a lens and many other experiment.Equipment suggested:Light Sensor (code 2315.10)LabPro (code 2300.10)or LabQuest (code 2300.30)or…
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