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Started as a family business more than 60 years ago, Altay has grown into a 21st century, international company with operations on 5 continents employing more than 500 people. But, family traditions and values are still the basis of our work. We are ready to meet today’s market demands with the passion and dedication of the past, together with the technology and tools of tomorrow.

Altay Scientific is a leading company in the global market for science education sold through a worldwide network of authorized dealer partners. Altay produces a full line of innovative and user friendly products based upon the highest technology research and development married to high quality, low cost production techniques and processes. The Altay brand stands for innovation, value and customer orientation. The global Altay organization remains committed to investing the necessary human and financial capital in the Altay Vision.

The search for knowledge is a need that comes from human nature. To satisfy this need is to overcome the social, economic and intellectual differences that can only divide us. Our mission is to develop and market innovative, user friendly and affordable products, “Instruments of Knowledge,” to allow and facilitate this search for knowledge. Altay will continue to support technology development, continually improving goods and services maximizing a humanistic vision of society and progress. In pursuing our corporate goals, we will adhere to the most rigorous professional ethics regarding every aspect of our business. We will be part of and “give back” to all of the communities where we do business.


Altay operates under one simple notion: to create high-quality teaching products that are aff ordable.Research into modern teaching methods and their practical applications in classrooms have helped us to develop our product line. To do that, we’ve spent a lot of time in schools... teaching, watching and learning. We truly believe that effective learning comes from direct experiences. Altay is engaged in designing and developing a full range of products that will both motivate students and help teachers to convey theory in a stimulating and exciting way.

In other words, crafted just for you!

Altay is committed to making our world a better place to live.

  • Altay is the first supplier of educational equipment to be ISO 14001:2004 certified.
  • The ISO standard assesses the management of all environmental aspects of our business activities including environmental protection and the socio-economic needs of our constituents.
  • In Italy, Altay’s headquarters and production facilities have been 100% converted to solar power.
  • Altay’s catalogs and packing materials are produced from recycled paper.
  • Altay’s products are produced with non-toxic materials and are fully compliant with all international and EU safety regulations.
  • Altay has been awarded the WorldDidac Quality Chart, a quality certification that goes beyond existing ISO standards and provides the assurance that a company has the capacity to deliver products and services that contribute to a quality education for our children and sustainable growth for our planet.
  • Altay’s corporate commitment to the environment attracts and motivates employees dedicated to delivering the best goods and services to our customers worldwide.
Altay Scientific Group S.r.l. holds responsibility for your personal data privacy protection. Altay Scientific Group S.r.l. neither sell personal data nor share them with third parties with promotional aims. Accepting this regulation you accept that your data will be processed by Altay Scientific Group S.r.l. and its subcontractors with the aim of storing, managing, transmitting and keeping them secure for purposes related to Altay Scientific Group S.r.l. activity, including internal statistics purposes. Data processing will be exclusively performed by the competent personnel, who will treat data as extremely confidential. Altay Scientific Group S.r.l., having Legal Headquarters in Grottaferrata (Rome) Italy, via Tuscolana,242, holds responsibility for your data collection and handling. Altay Scientific Group S.r.l. follows the procedures established by Law Decree n. 196/2003, relevant to personal data protection. In order to have exhaustive information on your rights in relation to personal data privacy protection, we advise to carefully read the summary of the above Decree, which you will find hereunder: Art.7 Law Decree 196/2003 Art. 7 of Law Decree 196/2003, contains the list of data subjects rights. In particular, the data subject has right to obtain, at any moment, from the data controller, the confirmation as to whether or not data relating to him/her are being processed (even though not yet recorded), and the communication in an intelligible form of the data undergoing processing. Moreover, data subjects have right to know: a) the origin of personal data, b) the aims and modalities of data processing, c) the logic behind processing through electronic tools, d) personally identifying information on the data controller (Company Manager and staff members responsible for data collection). e) personally identifying information on subjects or subject categories to whom their data have been disclosed, as personnel in-charge of data processing. Moreover, the data subject has right to request: f) the updating, amendment or, should he/she deem it appropriate, the integration of his/her personal data; g) the deletion, anonymization, or blocking of data which have been processed unlawfully. h) The data controllers commitment to communicate information under point f) and g) to all those to whom data have been forwarded, except in cases where this operation would be impossible or would imply a disproportionate effort in relation to the right to be protected. Finally, data subjects are entitled to prevent partially or completely: - the data processing, even though for purposes consistent with the data collection, for legitimate reasons; - the data processing for sending publicity materials, for product sales, market surveys, and commercial communications..