Anatomy and Biology

Knowledge that comes from human nature.

Teach or learn any aspect of biological and natural sciences.

Instruments of knowlodge means scientific accuracy, because we wan education to be always at top level. From the human anatomy models to the natural science models, from the prepared slides to the natural skeletons you will find that Altay Biology fulfills all your needs at a price that will match your budget. Our products are made with no-toxic materials and each component, including the packaging is eco-friendly. There are 5 reason to buy Altay Anatomy and Biology Products:

  • Three-year guaranteed granted on all our products.
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied you may return it to us in order to ask for replacement or refund.
  • Envinromental-friendly material and recycable packaging.
  • Best price for quality products.
  • The commitment: since 1938 we are in this business.

Human anatomy models

You wil be amazed byt the combination of scientific precision and the incredibly natural look and feel of this top of the line models. The colors adn surfaces hardness of this anatomical model are iniquely realistic. Add to all this extreme durability and scratch resistance backed by an industry best warranty, all at a very competitive price, you get an irresistable opportunity to upgrade your lab.

General biology models

A wide range of biology models, including virologym botany and zoology. Our models reproduce all features of general biology, giving particular attention to accuracy and quality.