Altay Handheld Spectrometer – code: 4445.40

Altay Handheld Spectrometer

Code: 4445.40

A simple and affordable way to begin studying the spectral lines

With this instrument every student can explore spectrometry on his own.

Altay’s Handheld Spectrometer allows to detect the spectral lines with precision. Thanks to a cuvette support it is possible to investigate spectral Absorption properties of liquids

Size: approx. 10x19x2.5 cm
Weight: 0.2Kg

Equipment Suggested
Spectrum Tubes Holder (code 4470.50)
with one or more Gas Tubes
5 kV Power Supply (code 2407.05)


  • Visualizing atomic spectra for different types of spectral lamps
  • Light emission by excitation of electrons

EXAMPLE OF USE: Spectral Lines

Measuring the wavelength of the hydrogen spectra

The spectrometer is an ideal instrument for analyzing the spectral lines of a light source. In order to perform the experiment, set the position of the spectral lamp so that the collimator is properly aligned. The diffraction grating allows to observe the spectral lines of the gas. By knowing the diffraction angle, we can then work out the wavelength of the light.

Details of the Handheld Spectrometer Eyepiece