Free Fall and Pendulum Apparatus – code: 4134.70

Free Fall and Pendulum Apparatus

Code: 4134.70

A complete solution for the study of free fall and pendulum motion

The apparatus is designed specifically for the study of free fall due to gravity and the study of the Law of the Pendulum.

It consists of a vertical column with a graduated scale and an electromagnet, mounted on a triangular base with levelling screws and a basket for the falling spheres. The acceleration of free falling bodies, defined as “g”, is studied by measuring the time necessary for a falling body to move a fixed distance on the graduated scale. The apparatus can be used with Electronic Timer. To use a large LED display for classroom use, the Altay Large Display (code 2236.50) is an ideal choice.

Vertical column height: 170 cm
Scaled surface length: 150 cm
Weight: 8.4 kg

Equipment Suggested
Equipment Suggested
RED Photogate Sensor (code 4840.15)
RED Photogate Support for Track Set (code 4831.07)


  • Free Fall and Pendulum Apparatus
  • Electronic Digital Timer
  • Photogates
  • Electronic Oscillation Counter
  • Set of Three Spheres with Hook
    (PVC , Brass, Wood)
  • Stainless Steel Spheres
  • Free fall electromagnet cap


  • Investigating motion of different objects with free fall
  • Experiment to demonstrate the Law of the Pendulum
  • Acceleration of a free fall objects of different masses
  • Determination of “g” and acceleration by means of the free fall
  • Determination of “g” by means of the pendulum
  • Drag or frictional force on a pendulum
  • Study the oscillations or periods of a pendulum
  • Determination of the drag force
EXAMPLE OF USE: The Laws of the Pendulum

Study of the oscillations in a pendulum.

The Electronic Digital Timer is an ideal tool to study the Laws of the Pendulum. We can also use the Electronic Oscillation Counter to measure the period of the pendulum (T) to easily verify the following formula.

The Law of the Pendulum