Mini Torso Dual-Sex (Caucasian Type), 16 Parts – code: 6000.33

Mini Torso Dual-Sex (Caucasian Type), 16 Parts

Code: 6000.33

This half life size torso is an excellent tool in basic anatomy teaching. Composed of 16 parts, as follows:

•    head (2 parts) showing a section of the brain and the upper respiratory tract
•    half of the brain, showing internal structures
•    2 lungs
•    heart (2 parts) showing the atria, ventricles and valves
•    liver with gallbladder
•    stomach
•    single piece, including small intestine, large intestine and pancreas
•    removable cover that expose interior of caecum
•    male reproductive organs (2 parts)
•    female reproductive organs (2 parts)

Mounted on base.
Size: 20x15x46.5 cm
Weight: approx. 2160 g