Altay Cart with Plunger – code: 4941.13

Altay Cart with Plunger

Code: 4941.13

Elastic and inelastic collisions with our new cart

The brand new Altay Cart is ideal for all dynamics experiments.

Designed to be robust yet almost friction free, we have designed our cart so that it will withstand the rigours of any school laboratory. Manufactured from solid aluminium, we have used a special low friction wheel system. This system gives almost friction free movement and  results which are accurate and repeatable time and time again. The carts are provided with two strips of Velcro™ and a pair of powerful neodymium magnets, which are designed for alternate elastic and inelastic collisions.

The cart (code 4941.13) includes a spring loaded plunger mechanism that can be released to provide an immediate impulse to set another cart in motion and to provide an initial impulse velocity. The plunger has two settings to allow a lesser or greater impulse depending on the mass of the adjacent cart.

Size: 14x7x4 cm
Weight: 0.5 kg