Old facilities, missing bits and unreliable supplies are stopping your lab activities?

The Altay Lab Mobile is the solution.

A fully self-sufficient lab equipped with all utilities (water, gas, DC power supply); chemical resistant top with a storage/organizer system with drawers and compartments to store devices, instruments, demonstrators, etc. Teachers can now bring the laboratory into their classrooms and quickly set up experiments and demonstrations without any organizational problems. More than 120 experiments are detailed in the manual, which comes in both hard copy and digital format. Altay’s Lab Mobile is a complete modular system that can be easily upgraded or customized to suit extensive, growing and changing teaching needs.

A cornerstone of contemporary science education, the award-winning Lab Mobile LEONARDO has been designed with the help of teachers who have extensive experience in teaching science and technology subjects in schools. The Lab Mobile comes with multilingual instruction manuals (Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish) illustrating more than 120 experiments and their assembly procedures. The manual contains instructions for the teacher for setting up the experiments and worksheets for the students.

NEW 2021: Altay Lab Mobile Upgrade

The Altay Lab Mobile Upgrade includes NEW articles and scientific equipment to explore new topics for even more engaging and exciting study.

New items included:

•Geology set (rock set, fossil set, geological compass)

•Magnetic stirrer with heating plate

•Variable volume micropipette RANGE 10 – 100 μl for microbiology

•Portable pocket pH meter

•Manual vacuum pump

•Digital microscope with integrated camera, software included

•Hygrometer – Digital humidity and temperature meter

•The apparatus and instruments for conducting experiments are placed in drawers divided into sections.


•Capillarity: the stem

•Practical implications of cell turgor


•Osmosis in various organisms

•Oxygen in water

•Pollen germination

•Starch in leaves

•Fruit pulp

•…and many other experiments

CHEMISTRY Section| General chemistry experiments:


•Acid-base reactions

•Properties of carbon dioxide

•Production of carbon dioxideColloids and colloid properties

•Conductivity and concentration

•Conservation of matter

•Coordination complexes

•Corrosion and cathodic protection

•Daniell’s cell

•Diffusion in solution

•Displacement reactions (single exchange)

•Effect of temperature on solubility

•Electrolytes and conductivity

•Electrolytic processes

•Enthalpy of neutralization

•Enthalpy of crystallization

•Production of Hydrogen

•Sublimation of iodine

•Lemon cell: an unusual source of electric current

•Melting of sulphur

•Oxygen production and properties of oxygen

•Hydrogen properties

•Salt solution cell

•Sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate

•Volta cell

•Electrolysis of water

•Basic environment of water electrolysis

•Crystallization water

•Density of substances

•…and many other experiments



•Analytical balance and investigation of weight as a force

•Belt drive systems

•Communicating vessels

•Composition, decomposition and transmission of forces, including the law of the parallelogram

•Hooke’s law

•Inclined plane and friction

•Kinetic and potential energy

•Levers: including first, second and third class type

•Measurement of length, concept of experimental error

•Pulleys: including fixed, mobile and differential pulleys

•Simple and spring pendulum

•…and many other experiments


•Equilibrium temperature of mixed liquids

•Heat capacity of calorimeter

•Heat sensitivity and thermal equilibrium

•Specific heat capacity of solids and liquids

•Time constant of thermometer

•Solidification temperature of paraffin

•…and many other experiments





•Use of tuning forks

•…and many other experiments


•Focal length

•Investigating colour mixing

•Lens laws

•Magnifying glass

•Microscope and telescope


•Prism: composition of light

•Reflection and refraction laws

•Shadow and penumbra

•Lens system

•The eye

•Thin lens equation

•…and many other experiments


•Attractive and repulsive magnetic forces

•2D magnetic field display


•Frictional charge and induction

•Hollow sphere

•Electrostatic pendulum

•…and many other experiments


•Charge production, equal and opposite

•Electrical resistance

•Ohm’s law

•Series vs. parallel circuits

•…and many other experiments

The Lab Mobile LEONARDO also includes a powerful Digital Microscope with integrated camera.

The microscope head, with high-speed, high-resolution imaging technology, allows the microscope to be used in standard mode through the eyepiece or in multimedia mode

Lab Mobile Leonardo STEM

Explore new STEM disciplines with our exclusive Lab Mobile STEM version, now featuring new educational products!

New content in Science, Coding, Robotics, Arduino programming, IoT, Sensors for data collection and analysis and new technologies. All in one turnkey solution ready to be used in the classroom!

The STEM version of Lab Mobile Leonardo adds the following items:

•Digital microscope with integrated camera, software included

•SenseDisc Basic sensor kit with software

•Makeblock robot construction kit – mBot-S Explorer, programmable and expandable kit

•Arduino UNO3 electronic programming kit


Monocular microscope with built-in 1.3 MP CMOS digital camera. Achromatic objectives 4/10/S40x DIN 35 mm, mechanical stage, 1 W LED illumination.

SenseDisc Basic Sensor Kit

Sensedisc is the modular system for sensor data acquisition. Its compact wireless system allows the integration of countless sensors in one device.

Makeblock robot construction kit – mBot-S Explorer

The mBot-S robot with programmable LED matrix in Bluetooth version can also be controlled and programmed from smartphones and tablets via the mBot App available for iOS and Android.

Arduino UNO3 Programming Kit

The Arduino UNO3 Kit introduces the use of Arduino through the practical implementation of a selection of 33 creative projects with different levels of complexity.


Halocode is a single-board computer with built-in WLAN and microphone, and intuitive programming software that allows you to explore new areas of IoT and coding.

Altay Lab Mobile is specifically designed to meet the basic science curriculum for students aged 11-18 and is particularly useful for schools without adequately equipped laboratories. Our mobile lab is a modular solution that can be easily customized to meet any teaching and curriculum needs worldwide. 

The Lab Mobile comes with a manual that clearly shows all the details needed to assemble more than 120 guided experiments and multimedia content. The average time to set up the experiments is only 8 minutes, solving teachers’ difficulties in setting up and preparing the lesson, even without lab technicians. 

The Altay Lab Mobile is AVR ready. All experiments will soon be available in virtual and augmented reality!

The Lab Mobile transforms a classroom into a laboratory in the blink of an eye. It provides an acid resistant work surface, an autonomous water supply and disposal system and self-sufficient burners that save investment costs for laboratory facilities with all the necessary supplies.

The Lab Mobile includes a 0-12 V power supply, a digital voltmeter, and a digital ammeter on the front panel, saving expensive investments in low voltage power supplies and related electrical measuring devices.

The Lab Mobile offers lockable compartments and a drawer system with shockproof foam pods to accommodate each component. Materials are organized by scientific discipline for quick and easy set-up. Ideal for all teaching environments, its modular design provides flexibility and adaptability for all types of science experiments. Breakage and loss are limited and storage after each lesson is greatly facilitated, radically reducing the risk of dispersal and theft. The Lab Mobile offers a fire extinguisher in case of fire and a first aid kit in case of accident to alleviate complications related to student safety during laboratory activities.

The Lab Mobiles are CE certified and are the only ones in their category to comply with EN 13150, which regulates the dimensions and safety requirements for laboratory tables and cabinets. Both the structure and the equipment included comply with EU regulations for the content of potentially hazardous substances.

Awarded by the Worlddidac Association as an innovative educational product.

The Lab Mobile is Altay’s response to recent UNESCO recommendations.

Air Cart 3.0

Altay’s Lab Mobile now comes with the completely redesigned Air Cart 3.0. As robust and reliable as before, but 50% lighter thanks to the use of high-strength aluminum honeycomb composite panels, the Air Cart is also scratch and corrosion resistant.

The panels used in Lab Mobile consist of a central aluminum honeycomb core, covered on both sides with aluminum foil. The three components are joined together with special high-strength adhesives. A plastic laminate finish is also applied to the outer surface of the panel, while the inner surface is powder coated. Honeycomb panels offer several important advantages:

  • Extreme lightness and strength
  • Excellent flatness and dimensional stability
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Wide temperature range, from -40°C + 110°C
  • Excellent aesthetic and functional finishes

Completely redesigned compartment and drawer system for easier and safer access to Altay’s teaching materials inside. Latest generation handles and wheels make it even easier to move it wherever you want to turn any classroom into a real teaching laboratory.